World Cancer Day 2016… Let’s Beat Cancer TOGETHER

World Cancer Day 2016 Glendair Raises Awareness for Mouth Cancer Today, Thursday 4th February 2016, is World Cancer Day. In light of this global event, as well as last weeks activities to raise awareness for cervical cancer, we’ve made it our task at Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton, Derbyshire to educate patients about oral cancer. […]

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How to Keep Invisalign Clean | MJ’s Invisalign Diary Entry 2

How I Keep my Invisalign Clean! Tuesday 1st December 2015 Tray Number: 1                                                       I’m Feeling: Positive For the first two days after my treatment at Glendair Dental Practice […]

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Can the Sugar Smart App Help Prevent Tooth Decay? Glendair Dental Practice Puts it to the Test

As you will have probably seen on the news recently, sugar content in our common cupboard staples has been a widely debated topic. From tooth decay to obesity, we are all aware of the effects too much sugar can have. The question is, do you know how much added sugar is hiding in your favourite […]

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Fit Day! | MJ’s Invisalign Diary Entry 1

Tuesday 24th November, 2015 Tray Number: 1                                               Today I’m Feeling: Excited!  Having my first set of Invisalign clear braces fitted today at Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton – on route to my perfect smile!

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Glendair Sponsors Just Good Friends Club!

Christmas is a time to relax, spend some quality time with family and friends and most importantly, have fun! So, for Christmas 2015, Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton, Derbyshire decided to spread some festive cheer and sponsor Just Good Friends £180. Just Good Friends is an excellent club based in Whitwell that offers social activities […]

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Invisalign vs. Braces: Is one teeth straightening solution better than the other?

Is Invisalign the best option to straighten my teeth? It’s a question we’re asked a lot. Just a quick glance online will find people waxing lyrical about Invisalign clear aligners and how they are revolutionising orthodontic – teeth straightening – treatment.

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Michelle’s Invisalign Diary

Michelle, known by many as MJ, is a hygienist here at Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Having seen some of the transformational results our orthodontic patients have experienced, MJ has decided she wants to improve her smile with Invisalign – clear braces that are a fast, easy and affordable option for teeth straightening.   […]

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Five top tips to help your child adjust to wearing braces

More young people – and adults – are wearing braces than ever before and here in the UK we seem to be seeing a gradual approach towards the American way of thinking that beautiful, straight teeth are a must-have. Even so, if you have a teen or even a tween who has been told they […]

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Why dental implants are the ‘gold standard’ replacement for missing teeth

As well as impacting negatively on your confidence, missing teeth can lead to problems such as further tooth loss, bone loss, tooth movement, problems with your bite, poor gum health causing gum disease, and more. Traditional methods of replacing a missing tooth were fitting a dental bridge or creating a false tooth on a full […]

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Seven things you should know before getting adult braces

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to get adult braces, we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blog to setting straight some of the common assumptions and misconceptions.

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