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Comfortable Dentures

If you are ready to start eating out again with your friends, and if you want to feel good about yourself again, then we are ready to help you.

At Glendair Dental in Alfreton we are able to offer precision, natural looking dentures to give you a boost of confidence.

Better yet, our comfortable, natural looking dentures will help you to eat the foods you love again, chew that juicy steak, bite that apple, eat out in public again without feeling self conscious.

Not everyone will have problems with their dentures, but there are many of you that find them difficult to tolerate, struggle to eat and speak and above all else you find them embarrassing to wear. The result is you lose some of your self confidence and you stop doing things that you enjoy, such as eating in restaurants.

Glendair Dental are pleased to announce that there are a number of options open to you depending on if you are missing several or all of your teeth.

In fact, you could actually take hold of the rest of your life with both hands to restore your diet and chew steak again, avoid embarrassing moments, achieve your desired Denture Success…and DISCOVER a new approach to comfortable – natural looking dentures you can live with for life.

“People Don’t Know I’ve Got Dentures”

Glendair Dental Comfortable Dentures

I have always had excellent care from Glendair and I have been a patient since 1996. You should look after your teeth so that you don’t need dentures but if you do, Gerber dentures are very good and well worth the price.

They are such a good fit. When I tried other dentures in the past I found that a tomato seed, crisp or nut would find its way under the denture but with these dentures I can eat anything I choose and they are made so well that they stay in place without the need for sticking. People don’t know I’ve got dentures!

Cheaper dentures are available but they never seem to be balanced correctly, so when you bite on one side they come unstuck. They never seem to last all day and you need to re-stick them into place. With Gerber I have the peace of mind that this will never happen.

I visit Glendair at least once a year – it is foolhardy not to go regularly and the care I receive has always been excellent.

I Now Go Out With The Ladies For Meals And Choose Anything I Want On The Menu” Says Sheila

My bottom denture was loose and I found it difficult eating certain things. So, I went on the internet to have a look at the options. After reading some good reviews about Glendair, I decided to come and see Matt for a free consultation to have a talk. 

I was a bit apprehensive at first and a little nervous, but Matt was brilliant. He was very calming every step of the way and I cannot fault him for anything. 

I had the implants done and it was an amazing experience. I now go out with the ladies for meals and choose anything I want on the menu! 

I would say to anyone come and do it – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I can’t thank Matt enough. He’s given me such a quality of life. If I’d have known, I’d have done this years ago!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Sign up for a complete Dental Examination today at Glendair for just £106.70! During your examination we will assess the condition of your teeth and oral health and discuss any treatments that you maybe interested in such as dental implants, straight teeth braces and veneers…

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