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Patient Success Stories

This section of our website is totally dedicated to our patients because we feel they are better placed to tell you all about us and their experience at Glendair Dental Practice.

We hope you enjoy reading our patients’ stories, which give you a very personal insight into the treatment they have had and how it has changed their smile.

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

Throughout the whole treatment I was reassured and felt relaxed and in good hands

I had quite an old crown on a front tooth that was root filled. On a sunny Sunday morning in October 2022 whilst packing for a lovely holiday with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson I decided to have a break and eat some breakfast – peanut butter and toast with a lovely cappuccino coffee. I was shocked when a huge nut as I thought came out of my mouth and bounced on my plate, but it wasn’t a nut, it was my front crown complete with most of my tooth inside it.

I rang out of hours surgery at Glendair to see if they could help. within an hour Matt and Ruth swung into action and rescued the tooth for my holiday – wow! what fantastic service. They even made me laugh commenting that my Halloween costume had probably gone a bit far – love the Glendair team, they all have a great sense of humour. Bev appeared and also made me laugh. The bad news was that Matt said he would think things through, but he thought that the best course of treatment would be an implant. I booked to see him after my holidays – the tooth stayed in place perfectly.

My implant treatment started straight after Christmas and throughout the whole treatment I was reassured and felt relaxed and in good hands. Sarah and Ruth were there throughout the whole process – they are a fabulous implant team working like a well oiled machine. Matt made easy work of removing the root filled root that was in the gum which amazed me. It came out whole and so easily. The implant was placed and as promised I was never without a front tooth. On the day due to quite thin bone I had to have a small denture as a temporary measure. This looked fantastic and friends were all amazed that it wasn’t my tooth.

A few weeks later – today the crown went on top of the implant. I was so excited to see the result. It feels just like my own tooth – so smooth and the colour is perfect.

I always recommend Glendair to friends and family. We would not go to another practice. It really is the home of caring dentistry. The whole team look after my family so well. Thank you Matt and your team for all your hard work, care and sharing the love of fabulous teeth and a healthy mouth. You are all amazing and deserve the fabulous reputation you have gained.

– Heather Gregory

I feel so confident and my self esteem has grown tenfold

Before going to Glendair, I was very sceptical about dentists, they always seem to make me feel uncomfortable at the onset of entering.

My sister told me about Glendair, she said she has been attending for years. I had problems finding a good dentist, I had tried 3 different practices so she recommended booking an appointment, which I did. But before my initial appointment date, I had an accident with my crowns, so had to come to see the dentist before my due appointment.

From the moment I walked into Glendair, I couldn’t believe how friendly all the staff were with a lovely approach to each and every person that came through the door. I was at a very low point in my life at this time after breaking my teeth, but all the staff were so kind and helpful.

For my first appointment I saw Greg Broughall, what a lovely man. 😁 He could see how upset I was, because I knew the crowns couldn’t be replaced, they had snapped clean off. He sat patiently and listened to me ramble on about taking them all out and having false ones (as I said, I was at a very low point lol)

He then very calmly said what my options could be, even removing all my teeth if that was what I wanted, but also gave me other options. I had never experienced anything like this before at any dentist. So together we decided to just remove the stumps that my crowns had left, plus another one, to make way for false front teeth at my next appointment.

I was so nervous about having the remains removed, but Greg was so gentle and made sure I was in no pain or discomfort whilst removing my stumps. I then had to wait for my gums to heal and my new teeth to be made before being fitted. I had never felt so grateful for having to wear a mask. 😷

Now, a year on, I feel so confident and my self esteem has grown tenfold. I can now smile with confidence. It was worth all the time and money to get that feeling back and my teeth have never looked so good.I would like to thank all the staff for your kindness, help and support that you have shown over the past year and I’m sure you will continue to do so in the future, because now, like my sister, I have finally found a dentist and staff that I am happy to attend on a regular basis. 😊

Non-judgemental, kind, professional and friendly

My ‘journey’ to sort my teeth out, (to coin an X factor phrase), took about a year (I think it would’ve been more like 8 months in normal pre-Covid times).

My teeth were always pretty trouble free as a child and young adult. Then I hit my mid 40’s and I quite frankly became ashamed of them.

Not only were they a dark yellowy colour, and stained. but I had some dark fillings in my smile line and an old crown that was going wonky. They were becoming crooked too, and seemed to be wearing away. My smile was literally disappearing, my top lip drooping and getting thinner.

I was self-conscious but didn’t know where to go or what to do to sort it. I dreaded photos and if I was forced to be in them, tried to arrange my face so I wasn’t smiling or showing my teeth. When I laughed my hand would automatically go up to my mouth to hide it.

By now I was 50, I had to sort it; I did some googling but still didn’t know where to turn. Should I go abroad on a teeth holiday (but that seemed too risky) or just pick somewhere random but local? I confided in a friend who I knew had had some work done and she recommended Glendair.

I knew from my own googling that my teeth were probably going to need ALOT of sorting, possibly veneers – but I really didn’t know, and thought that was something possibly only celebrities had.

I had the consultation and full assessment, x rays, the full works after which my suspicions were confirmed. Matt gave me the (long) list; whitening, four crowns, six veneers, and some other bits and pieces would give me my smile back. I took a gulp when I saw the price admittedly. But who needs a new car? Or a holiday? What price can you put on your confidence? Just to feel normal again. To smile and laugh in a carefree manner like I used to? I used to envy people with decent teeth who probably never have a second thought as to how they smiled or laughed. So, I had to go with it and get it done, it was a ‘no brainer’.

Glendair set out all the costs to me and a payment plan was also offered to help spread the cost, over a few years if I wanted.

I was able to ‘try on’ a cast of my new look before I committed to sign up for the work. I can remember that day and the relief I felt that it could all be fixed. I wanted to run off whilst Matt wasn’t looking with the temporary cast in, they looked so good.

Matt understood exactly what I was unhappy about and tailored the crowns and veneers to give support to my upper lip which has completely improved my upper lip shape, bringing back the fullness it had lost.

Once the whitening was done, (it did take a good few months of having the trays with bleaching solution in every night) but with amazing results – I was determined!

I get the feeling Matt’s a bit of a perfectionist, as I then had numerous casts and fittings made for my new smile. I wore temporary veneers for a few weeks whilst the permanent porcelain ones were made. I never left worrying I would have gaps or that something would go wrong between appointments. I tried on my permanent crowns/veneers a few times, Matt was meticulous about getting the shade and look just right.

I told Matt I wanted people to think ‘she’s got lovely teeth’ but never guess they were veneers and crowns. And that’s what I’ve got, and I can’t stop grinning now (without holding my hand in front of my mouth). My teeth now look completely natural. Amazing, but natural.

All the staff at Glendair, without exception, have been fabulous. Non-judgemental, kind, professional and friendly, my progress continually and carefully monitored throughout with visits every few weeks. I’m going to miss my regular visits there!

Matt has restored my faith in the dental profession

I have struggled with a severe dental phobia for over 20 years. In 6 visits Matt has achieved what I thought was impossible! He has managed to reduce not only my anxiety but my need to take medication just to sit in a dental chair. I would unreservedly recommend Matt. He has restored my faith in the dental profession.

PS Thanks to everyone I’ve come into contact with at the surgery – you really do put customer care first!


I now go out with the ladies for meals and choose anything I want on the menu

My bottom denture was loose and I found it difficult eating certain things. So, I went on the internet to have a look at the options. After reading some good reviews about Glendair, I decided to come and see Matt for a free consultation to have a talk. 

I was a bit apprehensive at first and a little nervous, but Matt was brilliant. He was very calming every step of the way and I cannot fault him for anything. 

I had the implants done and it was an amazing experience. I now go out with the ladies for meals and choose anything I want on the menu! 

I would say to anyone come and do it – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I can’t thank Matt enough. He’s given me such a quality of life. If I’d have known, I’d have done this years ago!


I am extremely grateful that they helped me to get to the end

Today I had an appointment with Sara and Jo and I just wanted to pass on my thanks. Although I couldn’t wait to get out (which I hope they haven’t taken personally) they were very supportive and helped to make the appointment tolerable…which for someone who has had a dental phobia for years is a huge compliment.

Although I didn’t say much at the time, I am extremely grateful that they helped me to get to the end of the appointment without having to stop and come back.

Many thanks for putting up with me… poor Matt’s next!

Kind regards


Care and expert attention from Matt has been excellent

After having an unhappy dental experience with my previous dentist, my treatment and the care and expert attention from Matt and the rest of the team has been excellent!


Cate is Wonder Woman

Cate is Wonder Woman! I really did not expect to walk out of the dentist this morning with my bridge intact! She’s fantastic!”


staff are amazing

The staff are amazing, so friendly and caring. I always feel comfortable and at ease,”


I am delighted with the dental treatment

From my initial consultation with Dr Matthew Lamb, I really felt that I was in a safe pair or hands.

Matthew spent a considerable time with me listening to what I hope to achieve, explaining clearly the options available.

I am delighted with the dental treatment that I have had so far.

Kindly extend my thanks to Dental Therapist (Holly) and reception staff who are involved in my case who treat me with respect and professionalism.

~Mrs Catherine E Tew – Matlock

I Never Experienced Any Pain During My Implant Treatment

Hi Matt, Thank you, and your staff, for all the care I have had over the appointments involved with my Implant procedure. You have been supportive and reassuring at all times as well as keeping me fully informed of all that was happening during the appointments.


First class, painless and the denture fits perfectly!

I’m in my 60s and have therefore been to a number of dentists in my time and really not enjoyed the experience at all; so frankly, after some bad experiences, I kept away out of fear.

After a time however, I was driven to take action for emergency dental work to a tooth that was giving me some trouble. I did some research and chose Glendair. Was that the right decision? You bet.

Glendair have completely changed my perception of dentistry. I have been treated sympathetically, professionally and respectfully by friendly staff for whom nothing seems too much trouble.

I decided to go on and have all my teeth repaired and have a small denture fitted. The work has been first class, painless and the denture supplied fits perfectly. I shall now attend for checkups without any trepidation at all!

I would highly recommend Glendair and commend all the staff with whom I have had contact.

Thank you.

~Martyn, Ilkeston

Greg saw me straight away as an emergency – he was absolutely marvellous,

My husband and I were dropping our grandkids off at school and we were stood chatting to our friends. After saying goodbye, I turned around and tripped over some flowerpots. I fell onto solid cement and my chin took the full force. It was a dreadful accident. My bottom teeth went into the top of my teeth, pushing it higher than the other one. I was very fortunate that I didn’t break my jaw. 

The accident really shook me up. My mouth was bleeding so badly and we didn’t know whether to go straight to A&E or to the dentist. We didn’t want to go to the hospital and be waiting hours, so my husband decided to ring Glendair. They told me to come straight up to see them. I felt relieved that they had fit me in and it put my mind at rest a bit. 

My dentist is usually Cate, but Greg saw me on this occasion as an emergency and he was absolutely marvellous. I was really frightened but he was really good. He was telling me all the time what he was doing which helped. He rinsed and cleaned my mouth and he managed to stop the bleeding eventually. 

To move my tooth back, Cate mentioned having braces, but the treatment is still ongoing as it all depends how my mouth settles. She checks it every time I come to see how it’s healing. Cate knows I’m nervous and she’s very, very good. I would recommend her to anyone as she’s always very friendly and really puts me at ease. All of the staff have been fantastic.

~Lynn, Swanwick

My favourite thing about Air Polishing is the fantastic results. Your teeth feel amazing,

I have Air Polishing done once every 3 months… I just love it! For me, the experience is really relaxing – it’s a good way to give yourself a bit of extra pampering. You can really feel that your teeth are clean afterwards, they just feel amazing. 

It uses a mixture of air and a powder to blast all of the stains away, leaving your mouth minty and fresh. There are four different flavours you can choose from: raspberry, lemon, mint and cola. I always go for something minty. 

My favourite thing about Air Polishing is the results. It removes any tea or coffee stains and it makes your teeth look really clean and shiny. It doesn’t last forever, but it’s perfect for if you’ve got an interview or wedding or something like that coming up. 

If you’ve got a lot of stains, I would definitely recommend Air Polishing and I can see it giving people more confidence to smile. You really do get fantastic results, it’s just a great experience.

~Marlien, Swanwick

The anxiety I used to feel about the dentist is gone

I’ve had a great experience here with you all — it’s been a pleasure. Holly, Sophie and Matt have been a joy and the anxiety I used to feel about the dentist is gone completely. I wish I had not been neglectful of my teeth over the years — but such is life!

You are all the family my teeth should have had all these years. Thanks guys!


I wouldn’t let any other dentist touch my teeth

I came to Glendair after having a very bad experience at another dentist which lead to me losing a tooth after failed root canal treatment. The extraction had been very traumatic and had led to me being hospitalised whilst on holiday in America. Understandably this resulted in me becoming a very anxious patient.

After initially being referred to another dentist for the implant, I felt very nervous about going ahead with the procedure, so on searching the internet I came across Glendair’s website and was impressed by the testimonials on there and so made an appointment to see Matt Lamb.

On my first appointment Matt immediately put me at ease and I felt in safe hands. Everything was explained to me regarding the procedure and the costs involved. I was impressed that Matt specialised in anxiety management so I felt I was finally in the right place and booked to have the work done.

Meanwhile I was still with a different dentist for routine work and had a gold crown replaced with a ceramic one. Unfortunately, following this I was in pain which the other dentist didn’t seem able to treat. I decided to seek a second opinion from Matt for this problem as well. Matt diagnosed an infection and trauma to the nerve and root canal treatment was required.

This news didn’t help my anxiety!

Matt once again calmed my anxiety and carefully explained the procedure. As a result I was able to go ahead with the treatment which Matt skilfully carried out and totally resolved the problem.

With that problem resolved I was now in a position to have implant surgery on the other side. This proceeded exactly as Matt had explained over seven appointments. The whole process was much less traumatic than I had anticipated with Matt reassuring me throughout. I am pleased to say I now have a shiny, new implant of which I am very proud. I’ve moved to Glendair for all my dental care and wouldn’t let any other dentist touch my teeth!


Root canal treatment has changed my life because my mouth is no longer in pain!

I had an abscess on one of my teeth and my previous dentist had tried to extract it, but failed. During that time, I decided to get a second opinion so I came to Glendair Dental Practice to see Matthew Lamb.

Matthew is very personable and friendly. On my initial visit I was very nervous, partly down to my previous experiences but also down to the pain I was in. He put me at ease from the very first moment.

I did have a lot to explain to him on my first visit but he listened to me patiently. He’s fantastic. Matt reminded me of the importance of keeping your teeth for life and the effect it would have if I was to loose a tooth.

He consequently encouraged me to think about root canal treatment. I was apprehensive because my previous dentist hadn’t attempted to reassure me about it so I was worried about what it may entail, but Matt explained to me what it was all about.

He talked me through the process and allayed my fears so I decided to have the treatment done. I felt safe with the fact that Matt is very experienced and there was no pain at all. Before I came to Glendair, my teeth were very sensitive and really unhealthy.

Now that I’ve had all of the major issues cleared up, there are no issues when I bite into food and I also feel confident when brushing my teeth due to the guidance I received. I would recommend Glendair for two reasons.

First of all the way staff treat you is brilliant. They install confidence in you in terms of the treatment. They talk you through it and they don’t assume you understand, but instead explain every step.

Secondly, the treatment has been successful and as someone who had no experience with this before, I have to say since having this treatment, my life has changed no end in regard to my mouth. There’s no more pain and I feel one hundred per cent better!


The new teeth blend in perfectly with my own

When I was in my teenage years I played a lot of hockey. One match I played in was very physical and I got my 2 front teeth broken, which resulted in an abscess. The dentist at the time recommended that I have my front teeth out and replace with false ones. As I entered my twenties I was very conscious of this and my bridge which I have had to present day.

Due to the strain the bridge was putting on my neighbouring teeth, I had a crown fitted on the upper left hand side. Over time through wear and tear, the colour, shape and condition of my teeth began to deteriorate, and this became very noticeable. My previous dentist retired and I was transferred over to Matthew, and this is where my journey begins.

I had heard a lot about this young exciting dentist, who specialises in bridges, crowns, and implants and was very keen to discuss what could be done to give me back my confident smile.

On meeting Matthew he immediately put me at ease. We chatted like 2 people who had known each other for years. Matthew explained the options and we discussed in great detail what could be done. It then took another 2 years for me to pluck up the courage to go ahead with the corrective treatment.

My first course of action was to whiten my original teeth. This was carried out at home and took approximately one month to do and the result was stunning. The next stage was to change 2 silver coloured filing on each side with white ones. Once this was done it was on to the main event.

Matthew and I decided that to retain the original teeth on the right hand side I would have my 2 front teeth replaced by implants and a new crown on the left side. With the plan made, appointments were scheduled and the prep work began. Photos were taken, impressions were made, x-rays were done — all systems go.

We got to the final prep stage, when Matthew said to me let’s take a MRI scan just to be 100% sure there are no hidden surprises. We did this; a quick look indicated everything was ok. The following day I received a phone call, “Hiya its Glendair Dental Practice can you talk I have something to discuss with you”.

It transpired that Matthew had repeatedly reviewed the scans and saw that the clearance in the root canal where the implant would go was very narrow and outside the safety tolerance.

He immediately consulted his college at Sheffield University, and the outcome was that the treatment was too risky to perform, any slight and we are talking fractions of a millimetre deviation from centre would catch the nerve resulting in the roof of my mouth being permanently numb and my speech seriously affected for the rest of my life.

On hearing the treatment was not going ahead I was devastated, I had come all this way only to be denied at the eleventh hour. I tried to convince the practice that it was ok I would run the risk, I was trying everything I could to still go ahead with the treatment.

I made an appointment the next day to go into the practice and discuss this devastating news. Matthew to his credit would not be swayed by my “it does not matter let’s give it a try attitude”.

It was as if all the danger did not matter. I had made my mind up after many years of uncertainty to have these implants and implants I will jolly well have.

Matthew was very patient and listened to me trying to persuade him, but I knew deep down that he was right, it was just hard to accept.

Through Matthew’s diligence, care, and expertise he had prevented what I could only describe as a life changing disaster. With a can do attitude Matthew suggested other alternatives which we could explore.

My heart was not really in it, but I had come such a long way on my journey that I needed to see it through.

When I returned for our next consultation I was full of admiration and praise for what Matthew had done in not being persuaded by an over enthusiastic Gung Ho patient.

We replaced the old bridge and crowns with new state of the art materials and my smile is wonderful. The new teeth blend in perfectly with my own and I have been complimented many times on my lovely smile.

On reflection I should have had this treatment done years ago and I wonder now what all the worry and nervousness was for because, it was not warranted. I could not have been in safer hands.

A big thank you to Matthew and the team who are at the cutting edge of their profession, and go that extra mile to make sure that your experience with them is calm, reassuring, rewarding and most of all enjoyable.

~Denise Chapman

My New Teeth Are Absolutely Brilliant, Everything I Expected And More

My teeth were in a bit of a state. I had some gaps at the bottom and my bridge near the front came out too. I was really conscious of the space, so I was quite upset when my old dentist told me he couldn’t replace the bridge. I didn’t want to think I was going to lose my teeth, so I knew I had to do something about it.

I’d heard about Matthew from Glendair Dental Practice from a couple of people who’d had treatment there. They recommended him so I did a bit of research myself on the website and decided to come for the free consultation.

Matthew is absolutely brilliant. He made me feel at ease as soon as I came through the door. I got a bit tearful on my first appointment. I was emotional, wondering how I’d let my teeth get like that. I really wanted my smile back. Matthew talked me through different options and he asked me what I wanted and what I would like. He was then able to tell me what he could do.

I’ve had treatment on my gums, crowns fitted, about 7 veneers, my teeth whitened and a new bridge! Everything was explained to me, including how to take care of my mouth, because at the end of the day, you need to know how to look after everything so they will last you.

There has been no pain or discomfort throughout. I had bits of sensitivity, but whether that be with Matthew or the hygienist, they’d ask me if I was feeling all right. Whatever I’ve had done, I always tend to look at the end result. I focus on that because I know I’ll be really pleased when it’s finished, so that’s lovely.

My teeth were such a mess before, so when I looked in the mirror, I thought … is that me!? Even with the temporaries on, people would say they couldn’t believe them because they looked so good compared to what I’d had. My new teeth are everything I expected and more, they are absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to put a bit of lippy on to show off my new smile!

Everyone at Glendair has been amazing. Everyone works as a team and they all look after you. It’s really nice to come somewhere where you don’t feel like you’re on a conveyor belt. It’s a very personal touch. When I come, its like ‘me time’ and it’s relaxing. I feel pampered and I don’t feel rushed like I’ve felt in the past. I couldn’t have wished to have my dental treatment anywhere better.


I Am Very, Very Happy With My Teeth – There’s A Major Difference

My teeth were wonky and all crossed over. They weren’t very straight at all. I was deleting photos, not smiling on photos and not even having the confidence to be on photos. I wanted nice straight teeth so my mum recommended me to come here.

My first appointment was a free consultation with Matthew. He had a look around, and then told me how much everything was going to cost, what was going be involved and the period of time.

I had to have 3 teeth taken out to make room to get them straight but the whole process was fine. I experienced a little tightness with the braces, but no issues at all. I quite enjoyed having them on actually!

The day after having my braces taken off, I was showing everyone my teeth! I was very, very happy with them. There’s a major difference from when you look back at what they were to what they are now.

If you’re considering having fixed braces, I’d say just come and have a chat. Everybody is lovely and approachable. I like that as soon as you walk in, the ladies on reception know who you are and that’s really quite nice as they really get to know you well. They really put you at ease – nothing is ever too much trouble and that says a lot.


I Have No Hesitation Recommending People To Your Fantastic Practice

I started coming to Glendair Dental Practice about two years ago but after a couple of consultations I decided to change to another dental practice in my village. That was probably one of the worst decisions I have made with my dental health – I wish I had stayed with Glendair!

When I first came to Glendair, it was with a free 30-minute initial consultation that I had seen advertised in my local Voice Magazine. This took the form of a thorough dental examination, recommendations for treatment, the timescale involved for the treatment and the total cost.

Everything was explained fully to me but I was under no obligation to follow the recommendations if I chose not to. At that time, I was introduced to your wonderful dentist Cate Maunder. As I am generally a bit of a nervous patient, she very quickly put me at ease and made me feel welcome. Although, I have to say, all the staff go out of their way to provide a very welcoming atmosphere.

The reception staff are first rate in my opinion. I work as a receptionist for a veterinary practice, so I know how important it is to provide a positive impression as a client enters the practice; again, this is something that all the team at Glendair excel at. I’m always greeted with a smile and acknowledged, even if the receptionist is quite busy.

Cate is always very open and friendly and just seems to have a calm, laid back nature, which immediately makes me feel calmer. Her professionalism is in my opinion, second to none. From the beginning of my treatment through to the end, she constantly puts me at ease and frequently makes sure I’m happy with everything regarding my treatment, which is always 100% pain free! She’s always happy to answer any queries and never makes me feel anything other than welcome and important.

I’ve also had two consultations with your hygienist, Sarah Bradbury, who has given me first class treatment and provided me with lots of information regarding my ongoing dental health. The excellent advice Sarah has given me along with Cate, has meant that I have started to see and feel a difference in my teeth and gums.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending people to your fantastic practice … in fact, I had a new client registering at my vet’s practice a couple of weeks ago who was very new to the area and was asking if I knew of a good local dentist. Of course, I gave her directions to Glendair and also the telephone number!

~Norma Smith

Invisalign braces are great. Nobody knew I had them in

I am very nervous of the dentists. I hadn’t been for 15 years, so when I had toothache, my aunty recommended me to try Glendair. She praises the practice very highly, so I made an appointment to see the dentist Matt.

Matt was really lovely, as was his assistant Sophie, who held my hand and talked to me all the way through. I felt that comfortable that I decided to ask Matt about braces.

I had one tooth that was stuck out from me clenching my teeth together and you could even see it when I closed my mouth. It made me feel self-conscious. I was also thinking forward; I wanted to get it sorted before it got that bad it would need taking out. Matt explained what the process would be if I had braces and we got the ball rolling straight away by making my next appointments.

I had the Invisalign braces. They are great because nobody knew I had got the clear trays in until I told them! They’re just so easy to use. You get sent home with a set of four for eight weeks and then you change them yourself so you don’t have to keep going back. It’s also useful because you can remove them which makes them really easy to clean.

Watching my teeth move progressively was quite encouraging. When I took them out every so often, I could see how straight they were getting. I couldn’t wait to see the end results!

I can now smile without trying to hide my teeth because they are straight and white! They are brilliant and I have already recommended the Invisalign braces and Glendair to others!

~Lisa Brooks

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

Cate, you have saved my life!

Last week our wonderful patient Sandra came into the practice to give our dentist Cate this amazing bouquet of flowers and these were her exact words.

Months earlier at Sandra’s routine dental health examination, Cate noticed an suspicious ulcer on the side of Sandra’s nose which she had been passing off as a mark from her glasses rubbing.

Cate urgently referred her to Derbyshire Royal to get it checked out and prompted her to make sure she attended the appointment.

Sandra was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that if left undiagnosed can spread to other parts of the body.

We are very pleased to say that Sandra has now had this lesion removed and is in the clear!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Sandra for giving us her permission to share her story to help raise awareness. Our dentist Cate said: “Our key message that we’d like to share is that we don’t just check teeth here at Glendair. I was just doing my job, always being vigilant, but please make sure you always have your 6 monthly examination booked in.

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

Matt has completely changed my smile

Firstly, from the off – the whole team at Glendair made me feel very comfortable. I’ve never known such a friendly, caring, lovely bunch of people all working at the same place!

For the most part of my adult life I’ve literally dreaded going to the dentist but Matt has reversed those feelings, I now I don’t kind going at all – in fact for a couple of appointments I’ve really looked forward to going which is totally unheard of!

Matt has completely changed my smile and I’m so happy with the results of my treatment. I won’t be going to any other dentist now.

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

Just one appointment and my gap was gone – Matt is an artist!

The last dentist I had been to effectively told me that I needed to have all of my teeth taken out. After that, I refused to go to the dentist because I was so scared, so for the past nine years I have had many difficulties with my teeth.

About three years ago, I was in a lot of pain so I began to specifically look for someone who could deal with nervous patients. I came to Glendair to see Matt and he was brilliant. It was such a relief to have found someone who really knew what he was doing. To get my mouth back in good health, Matt talked me through the entire procedure. He was very calming and told me exactly what would happen so there were no surprises.

Because I needed a lot of work doing, I decided to use Glendair’s payment plan. I would never have been able to do it at that point in time without it. The payment plan made my treatment affordable and it also gave me the confidence to come back and have further work done. I had quite a big gap in between my front two teeth which I hated. It made my teeth look like tombstones and it massively affected my confidence.

I didn’t like smiling. When I did smile in photographs, I would see them afterwards and think, “Oh, the gap in between my teeth… it’s horrid!” I explained all of this to Matt and he has reduced the gap by using a composite to build up the inside of my teeth. When he showed me the results, I cracked the widest smile – he’s an artist! I have no gap anymore, just two lovely front teeth and you can’t see the join. It really is beautifully done. I’m not going to be able to stop looking in the mirror!

The difference from when I came in this morning to just leaving now is amazing. Just one appointment and that was it. No messing around, just came in and job done. I already feel more confident! I’d recommend this treatment to anyone. In fact, I’d recommend Matt and the entire team. All the staff here are absolutely amazing. They are so professional, kind and lovely and that goes for everyone here. So now I come along to my appointments every six months, regular as clockwork with no problems.

I’m not scared of the dentist any more and for that I will probably have my teeth for many years to come. I just want to say thank you to the whole team. It has made such a difference to me already and I can’t wait for everyone to see my new smile!


Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

My Implant Looks Like An Actual Tooth, Brilliant

I had tooth decay and my previous dentist said he couldn’t save my tooth, so they ended up taking it out. The gap didn’t bother me at first, but in the end it was quite noticeable, so that’s when I decided I needed it doing, especially for my wedding.

I read loads of good reviews about Glendair. It seemed a no brainer, so I came in and it’s been fantastic. No matter what I’ve come in for, I’ve always been given an opportunity to think about my decision. They give you options of things you can do to achieve the smile you want.

I came in solely for implants and I was talked through all the difference types and given lots of advice. The staff are very good. They talk on your level and make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. What was so great was that they worked all my appointments around my job as I work away. I was cared for every step of the way and everything that would be happening was explained to me.

I was really shocked at the results, almost lost for words! It looks like an actual tooth and it doesn’t stand out at all. It’s brilliant. Even my family and friends didn’t notice until I pointed it out to them. They’d completely not realised, so everyone was in awe over it!

It’s been a really pleasant experience from everything to walking in to the building and walking out feeling that you’re actually appreciated, rather than a statistic. Brilliant.

~Dominic Winning

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

Greg Saw Me Straight Away As An Emergency – He Was Marvellous

My husband and I were dropping our grandkids off at school and we were stood chatting to our friends. After saying goodbye, I turned around and tripped over some flowerpots. I fell onto solid cement and my chin took the full force. It was a dreadful accident. My bottom teeth went into the top of my teeth, pushing it higher than the other one. I was very fortunate that I didn’t break my jaw.

The accident really shook me up. My mouth was bleeding so badly and we didn’t know whether to go straight to A&E or to the dentist. We didn’t want to go to the hospital and be waiting hours, so my husband decided to ring Glendair. They told me to come straight up to see them. I felt relieved that they had fit me in and it put my mind at rest a bit.

My dentist is usually Cate, but Greg saw me on this occasion as an emergency and he was absolutely marvellous. I was really frightened but he was really good. He was telling me all the time what he was doing which helped. He rinsed and cleaned my mouth and he managed to stop the bleeding eventually.

To move my tooth back, Cate mentioned having braces, but the treatment is still ongoing as it all depends how my mouth settles. She checks it every time I come to see how it’s healing. Cate knows I’m nervous and she’s very, very good. I would recommend her to anyone as she’s always very friendly and really puts me at ease. All of the staff have been fantastic.


Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

My Teeth Are Exactly How I Wanted Them To Look!

The previous denture I had was no longer fit for purpose, so I had quite a large gap on my bottom set of teeth. I was worried that I’d be putting pressure on my other teeth whilst eating and damage them, so I decided to come to Glendair to see what they could do.

The way I was treated on my initial examination and all the advice I was given was very good. I received lots of information and I felt very comfortable. All of the staff are conscientious and professional.

The dentist I saw was Matt Lamb. I trust him and he really puts me at ease. First he made me a new denture, which I am thrilled with. After that we looked at the rest of my teeth. I didn’t like my top ones because they were getting quite worn and I wanted them to look all the same. We discussed having a different crown fitted as well as putting veneers on.

My teeth were getting worse for wear and I felt the time was right to go ahead with the treatment.
The process was pain free. I had a crown fitted in between the three veneers and they’ve all been made to match. They feel natural and Matt’s got the bite feeling exactly right. I’m extremely pleased with the final results – they are exactly how I wanted them to look!

~Jayne Cooper

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

I’d Forgotten How To Smile And I Can Laugh Again Now!

My first impressions of Glendair were the efficiency and friendliness. I saw Matthew Lamb and he’s very understanding. My teeth were half worn away, one was missing and others were loose so they were extracted before we got on with anything else.

After that he made me a small plate with artificial teeth on. The ones that were worn down were built up and for the front one that was missing, he built that from scratch!

The only apprehension I had before was wondering how Matthew was going to fix them, but now I can hardly tell I’ve got it in and you can’t see it! Right from the start, there were no problems and I had no trouble eating.

The first time I looked in the mirror I said it’s unbelievable! I’d even got the little gap back that had been there for most of my life. It had grown up with me and it’s me that is, the gap. They really do look like my own teeth. I’d forgotten how to smile and I can laugh again now!

Matthew has made a good job. I shall give other people every encouragement to come and see him. I’m pleased now that it’s all been done, I’m happy and satisfied. I shall carry on coming to Glendair for as long as I can.

~Kenneth Hatton

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

Before and After Treatment

Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories
Glendair Dental Patient Success Stories

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