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Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry

Glendair’s GREEN Promise

As a practice keen to leave a lasting legacy on our patients and the wider community, the Glendair team are always looking for ways to improve our practice and lead the way for others.

With this in mind, Glendair adopts and promotes sustainable business practices designed to reduce our local, regional, national and global environmental impact. Companies all over the world are becoming more aware of the need to implement policies and use products that are environmentally friendly.

We at Glendair feel this is also true of individually owned businesses and so are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and providing a more Eco-friendly experience for our patients.

Glendair’s GREEN Principles


Use of materials derived from natural sources and with a low environmental impact


Ensuring waste products can be sent to a recycling centre wherever possible


Education of team members and patients on how we can help reduce our carbon footprint


Commitment to reduce use of plastics within the practice

What have we done so far?

Here are just some of the things we are doing at Glendair to help create a brighter future for our patients.

As this is just the beginning, we will keep you informed on how we are getting on and how you can do your part to protect future generations.

Implementing a new recycling system to ensure waste is disposed safely and efficiently

Switching products where possible to a greener option

Using digital signature pads where possible to avoid paper waste

Planning an Environmental Awareness day

Glendair – official recycling drop off point

Continuing with our #GlendairGoesGREEN initiative, we are very excited to announce our collaboration with TerraCycle UK and Colgate! Our Eco-Friendly practice is now an official recycling drop off point for all of your used oral care products!

If you have any of the following products or packaging that you would usually throw in the bin, please bring to Glendair and join us on our mission to help save our planet!

Glendair Dental Practice, Limes Avenue, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7DW – Please share with your friends and family, you don’t have to be a patient here at Glendair to get involved!

We can recycle any brand of:

  • Toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothbrush outer packaging
  • Electric and battery toothbrush heads
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry

New Products Alert

Holly our hygiene therapist is here to show you our brand new Eco-Friendly products from @WooBamboo including toothbrushes, floss and interdental brushes!

Products are made from sustainable and organically-grown bamboo, packaged in plant-based or recycled materials.

In stock now at the reception desk!

Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry
Glendair Dental Eco Dentistry

Eco Dentistry Initiatives Glendair

  • Swapping plastic cups for paper ones

  • Toilet rolls – recycled paper

  • Biodegradable bin liners / recycle bins / tea bag bin

  • Wrights: C Feed / bibs / tissues

  • Cleaning company: sprays, eco products, cloths

  • Email / SMS payslips, recalls, follow ups, birthday cards

  • Turning off lights and appliances

  • Bulbs

  • Bus timetables

  • Cycle racks

  • Reusable post it notes

  • Microwave splash guard (not clingfilm)

  • Recycle ink cartridges

  • Recycled paper

  • Stock to manage deliveries, packaging, emissions

  • Autoclave aspiration tips reduce plastic waste

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