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Guided Biofilm Therapy

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is the state-of-the-art treatment being offered here at Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton, Derbyshire by our dedicated team of hygiene therapists. GBT is the game changer in professional oral hygiene services and we are proud to be certified as an official provider.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a thin, sticky and colourless film of bacteria that covers your teeth. The main problem is that biofilm is barely visible to the naked eye, which of course makes it difficult to see and to remove.

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy

What happens if biofilm is left untreated?

Biofilm is the main factor that causes tooth decay and gum disease. How does this happen? When the biofilm comes into contact with sugary foods and drinks, the bacteria starts to break down the enamel which eventually leads to decay in the tooth. The effected teeth would then need to be treated, whether that’s a filling or further treatment. And it doesn’t stop there. The thicker biofilm will also begin to irritate the gums and this can trigger the body’s natural inflammatory response.

The result is sore and inflamed gums which tend to bleed whilst brushing — ouch! If left untreated, gingivitis, (the early stage of gum disease) can progress into serious gum disease, called periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease also increases your risk of arthritis, diabetes, dementia, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases amongst other things, so it’s crucial that we look after our oral health to keep our bodies healthy too.

Guided Biofilm

Why is Guided Biofilm Therapy so great?

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a game changer because it is…

  • Pain free
  • Gentle, safe and effective
  • Highly preventative
  • Minimally invasive
  • Uses advanced technology

With Guided Biofilm Therapy, all types of patients are suitable:

✓ Patients with braces
✓ Patients with dental implants
✓ Patients with restorations
✓ Children
✓ Nervous patients
✓ Patients with cosmetic dental work

How Does Guided Biofilm Therapy Work?

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy

For one hour after your GBT treatment, it is recommended that you avoid the following which can cause staining:

No alcohol, No tea or coffee, No smoking

The purpose of GBT is to remove 100% of biofilm from your teeth to stop the damage-causing bacteria in it’s tracks. That’s means a healthier mouth, less fillings, a more confident smile and teeth for life! Here’s how GBT works…

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



Your appointment will start with a thorough assessment of your teeth and gum health.

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



Now let’s make the biofilm visible! A temporary purple/blue dye will be applied to your teeth to
highlight the problematic areas to guide the cleaning. Colour removal = biofilm removal!

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



Your hygiene therapist will give you tailored oral hygiene instructions to improve your brushing technique and home care routine.

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



Using a combination of warm water, air and specially formulated powder, your hygiene therapist will:

Gently remove the biofilm above and below the gum line and your soft tissues. Remove tooth staining and early hard plaque. Clean and polish your teeth in one go!

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



This step follows the same procedure as AIRFLOW, but uses a specially designed nozzle which cleans in the gum pockets if required. No needles or anaesthetic is required!

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



Next your hygiene therapist will gently remove any remaining hard plaque using warm water and pain-
free technology with the special Piezon attachment.

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



It’s time to smile! Your therapist will check that your mouth is clean and that all biofilm, stains and plaque
have been removed. Any tooth decay that may have been hiding behind removed biofilm and stains
can now be spotted and treated accordingly. A protective fluoride varnish is applied to your teeth.

Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy



Based on your individual needs, we will book your next
appointment. Keep on schedule with your GBT to keep your mouth happy and you healthy!

How is Guided Biofilm Therapy Different from a traditional Scale and Polish?

GBT is an innovation from Switzerland, by the company EMS. For more than 35 years EMS has developed high-end technologies and protocols in conjunction with the world’s most advanced clinicians, enabling patients to enjoy their natural teeth and implants for much longer.

So yes, GBT is brimming with revolutionary technology, but what are the differences that you as a patient will notice? We decided to ask our patients what they dislike about a normal scale and polish, allowing us to compare it to GBT!

Negatives of Scale and Polish

  • Cold water makes sensitive teeth feel worse
  • Dislike or phobia of needles used for local anaesthetic
  • Removing plaque using scraping and scalers may be painful
  • Treatment can be invasive and scratch dental and implant surfaces

Positives of Guided Biofilm Therapy

  • Warm water means a comfortable experience with less sensitivity
  • No needles or local anaesthetic required unless patient preference
  • Specially designed technology and equipment means a pain free experience
  • GBT is minimally invasive and gentle on soft tissues, implants and restorations
Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy
Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy
Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy
Glendair Dental Guided Biofilm Therapy

Patient Feedback

So far we’ve had some brilliant feedback from patients who have had Guided Biofilm Therapy here at Glendair Dental. Here’s our feedback from our patients so far:

  • How did you regard your Guided Biofilm Therapy? 81% of patients gave a positive answer
  • How did your teeth feel after GBT? 81% of patients gave a positive answer
  • How did you find the time required for the GBT treatment? 100% of patients gave a positive answer.

Book your Guided Biofilm Therapy today!

Regular oral hygiene and professional GBT keeps biofilm under control for better oral and systemic health. Contact us today to book your Guided Biofilm Therapy appointment with our calm and caring hygiene therapy team.

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